Analytics platform for early founders

Track the metrics that matter the most and manage form submissions in one unified dashboard. No back-end required!

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Launch faster

Get your landing page out there!

Landing page is ready to launch...but what about the waitlist and contact us form backend? Setting up the analytics dashboard?

Simple front-end integration
Let us handle the back-end. Analytics tracking, waitlist collecting, 'contact us' handling in just a few lines of front-end code. Learn more here.
Default tailored dashboards
Your dashboard comes with default charts and tables set up to track the metrics that matter most to indie hackers and early stage startups.
Collect more data
Ad-blockers block common analytics platforms like Google Analytics, Vercel Analytics, Mixpanel, etc. We're still under the radar!
Manage fewer tabs
With analytics, waitlist handling, and contact us form handling, see everything from a single dashboard.

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Built by people like you

Started originally as a tool to track the founder's personal side hustles, IndieAnalytics is built with you in mind.

Access raw data.
All the raw data collected is yours to download whenever you need it.
Feedback-driven development.
Is there a visualization you need that we don't support? Your requests are personally reviewed, as opposed to being automatically bucketed into feedback groups like other big players.
Feature packed.
Basic metrics (views, unique views), advanced metrics (engagement time, custom events, scroll depth, UTMs, referrers), demographics (OS, device, browser, location), multi-project support...we got them all!
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What you get

Get started with just 2 lines

Default dashboard setup included

Easy to customize dashboards

Backend handling for 'Contact Us'

Add custom events in 1-2 lines

Backend handling for waitlists

Simple no-tricks pricing

It can't be simpler!

Early Customer

During this time we ask only for feedback and feature requests.

What’s included

  • Analytics dashboard
  • Waitlist handling
  • 'Contact us' form handling
  • Discord server access

Monthly rate

$0 USD

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Early access customers have 6 months to migrate if a paid plan comes into effect

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